AboutHappy Pixel Media.

We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision and the power of emotion. Helping businesses to recognise their actual personality and make the best reflection of it in the market. We’ll collaborate with you to communicate the best things about your brand, apply stripped back, simple solutions to polish your service and use a design that puts your customers first. From web design, web development and graphic design to digital marketing, we have it covered.

We have been around a while, so we see challenges differently.

If you are a start-up looking to kick-start your online presence, or already have an established website and need a redesign based on data analysis and creative talent, we can help.
With can combine many of today’s most exciting technologies and imaginative approaches to produce a digital presence that your brand needs to succeed.


We turn your goals into results whilst delivering beautiful online and offline experiences for your users.

Website Design

Prototyping / Responsive Design / Research

In a digital-first world, a website is an essential element for businesses irrespective of the size and type of a business, we can build a website with excellent design and simple under interface.

Media & Digital Marketing

Optimisation / Data / Research

The movement from outbound or traditional marketing to Inbound Marketing requires a significant cultural shift and we can help with with developing Buyer personas to do just that.


Front-End / Applications / Foundation

Todays internet is an oversaturated market and generic is never an option any more. It’s time to skip normal. We can develop scalable and affordable websites - fast.

Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify / WooCommerce / Squarespace

Ecommerce is the fastest growing retail channel. Entering the world of Ecommerce may seem like a daunting task for any small business, and we have got it covered.

Social & Content

Optimisation / Data / Research

Setting out your social media strategy before you do anything is essential! We can launch social media channels helps you to professionalise your start-up by planning and delivering results.

Data & Analytics

Keyword Research / User Testing / Strategy

95% of mobile users are searching for local information and because they’ve already decided they’re going to keep things close by and not travel too far, with data analytics we can help you fine tune your business to get found on search.

Digital Experience

We like to put experience at the front of what we do, it needs to work and it needs to be intuitive. All of our projects are looked at from many angles, from inception to launch. UX Development is an on-going process, we’ll be tweaking our code way after a project launches, ironing out bugs and getting the most efficiency we can out of a build.