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10 Top Tips to Finding the Perfect SEO Services in Brighton

If you ever wondered how a handful of websites always appear on the first page of search results and, as a result, have far more customers and clients than their competitors, look no further than their SEO strategy.

SEO (search engine optimisation) enables websites to rank higher on search engines like Google through mechanisms designed to help Google’s site crawlers ascertain how relevant a webpage is to a search query. 

Therefore, if you want to dominate search results for keywords relating to your business, be sure you’re finding the perfect SEO services in Brighton.

What Is SEO?

SEO begins with site crawlers. Site crawlers are robots that search for specific information about – and within a webpage – to determine how relevant it is. These robots are so advanced that they can gather data about millions of websites and webpages and index them by significance.

Therefore what SEO does, in simple terms, is it sends signals to the site crawlers to say “this website/webpage is an authority on this subject and should be the first result people see.”

Even if your website is an authority or highly relevant, if you are not speaking to search engine site crawlers in their language, your website will be drowned out by other websites that speak and understand the language.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Brighton Business?

Local businesses have unique circumstances: you want to display your business to users in your vicinity. Since most people go to search engines before making a decision, you need to know your business is displayed to them.

Essentially, appearing on the first page of local search results is the equivalent of having premises in a prime location with lots of foot traffic in the busiest part of town. You’re going to get more customers simply because of where you are.  

10 Tips To Vet Your Brighton SEO Services

Now that you know how integral SEO is to a businesses success, you want to ensure you’re getting the best SEO services at your disposal. Therefore, before you hire an agency to do your SEO, use these ten tips to vet them. 

1. Examine Their Portfolio

The best way to determine whether or not you’re getting impeccable SEO services is to view a prospective company’s portfolio.

A portfolio is the most comprehensive way to get insight into what an agency has accomplished for other clients and will help you determine if their work meets your requirements.

Their portfolio should include clear statistics revealing how the businesses SEO improved after working with them.

2. Ask For References

While a portfolio gives you insight into the quality of the work they’re doing: if it is high quality and up to standard; references allow you to understand the experience in its entirety. 

Good work doesn’t necessarily equate to good work ethic. Previous clients are the only ones that can verify that the quality of work met the quality in the portfolio. Because, unfortunately, some of the search engine optimisations in their portfolio may be exaggerated.

Therefore, as you would with any service, do your due diligence.

3. Review Their Expertise

If you want to build a long term relationship with your Brighton SEO agency, you should take a keen interest in their expertise. Essentially, it’s their expertise that will help an agency better shape your digital marketing strategy. For example, if your agency has expertise in social media, personal branding, and digital marketing, they will consider these components when developing an SEO strategy. In this way, you’ll get a well-rounded strategy. However, if an agency does not have additional expertise, besides SEO, your entire online persona will be disjointed. While you will rank higher on search engines, barely any site visitors will convert into paying customers or clients.

4. Inspect Their Services

In the same vein that expertise is important, services are as crucial. Therefore, while browsing an agency’s website, be sure to look at the other services they offer. Because the more services they offer, the more likely they’ll be able to help you grow. While optimising a site’s content can help with SEO, SEO is also determined by site speed and a great user experience. Therefore, offering services like web design means you don’t need to worry about a breakdown in communication by hiring two different agencies to carry out various tasks on your website.

5. Scrutinise Their Character

Work ethic is essential when hiring any service. You want the guarantee that communication will be amicable and timeous, that milestones will be met at the agreed-upon time, and that your grievances will be acknowledged. The only way to know if any of this will be possible is to scrutinize the character of not only the people assigned to work on your project but the ethos of the business doing the work.

6. Check Out The UI/UX of Their Website

The appearance and functionality of an agency’s website will reveal plenty about their skill level.

But why should you be concerned about the appearance of a website? Googles search rankings don’t only depend on content marketing and inbound links, but also the UI and UX of a website. If you’re not aware, the UI/UX of a website determines how well users interact with the website, and, if mastered, can improve your bounce rates and conversions. 

If an agency’s website is still in the dark ages, how much can they realistically accomplish for your website?

7. Analyse Their Marketing Tactics

What is the best way to determine if an agency is great at search marketing? You can analyse the tactics they use to bring in new clients. How innovative is their marketing? How compelling is the imagery and copy within the ads? If an agency is capable of having success with their marketing, you can expect similar results when working with them.

8. Investigate Their Social Media Content

Whether or not you’re hiring an agency to conduct services outside of SEO, a company’s social media presence is revealing. Not only does it speak of their professionalism but also their capabilities. 

9. Look Into Their Email or Phone Etiquette

Email and phone etiquette is the most revealing source of professionalism. If an agency responds timeously, professionally, and answers your questions, it’s more than likely that they’re going to maintain that professionalism throughout your working relationship. If the opposite is true, it’s more than likely they want to sustain that level of unprofessionalism.

10. Verify Their Search Dominance

How did you find the agency you’re currently thinking of approaching? If it is through search results, then you already know that their search dominance is significant, and they may reproduce those same results for your website. 

If you have read this blog post, you may be interacting with our SEO and marketing strategy. As one of Brighton’s leading digital agencies, we pride ourselves on not only improving our clients’ digital presence but ensuring they dominate in their respective trade. 

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