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How To Find the Right Web Design Company in Brighton

Your website is the foundation of your brand online as it’s the first point a customer encounters. Because it serves such a fundamental function, your website needs to be not only a monetary investment, but it needs to accurately and concisely represent what your business is and does. For that reason, you should focus on finding the right web design company in Brighton – the kind of company that can bring your ideas to life.

Why Should You Use A Local Brighton Web Designer?

Like most digital services, you no longer need to be in the same vicinity as the designers and developers working on your website. You can hire someone 30, 300, or 3000 kilometres away. However, having a local designer design your website gives you a competitive edge. A local designer won’t only better understand your concepts but they’ll also better understand the local climate and local trends. And if you have clients in Brighton, it helps to have a local perspective. Besides, having a local Brighton and Hove design agency work on your website means you can collaborate easily. 

You can meet for coffee to share ideas, updates, give feedback, and so on, something that wouldn’t be possible with a web designer further afield.

However, before you hop onto Google and choose the first web development company that Google suggests in search, you should first ensure that your web designers are ideal for your project.

5 Steps To Choose The Right Web Designer For Your Project

Every web designer has a speciality and skill that makes them ideal for specific projects. Yes, there are all-rounders. However, these all-rounders usually work in a team. Even if you are hiring a team to complete your website, you want the best team for your job. Web designers that grasp your brand and your goals and can add their expertise and skill to merge your goals and brand with what is most appealing to visitors. 

1. Ask About The Cost

Cost shouldn’t be the only determiner when choosing web design services. However, many business owners and professionals have a budget they want to adhere to. That said, even if you have a budget, consider being malleable about how much you’re willing to spend. 

Your website is the foundation from which your online brand will emerge. Customers will usually interact with your website first before making their way to a physical location – if they ever do. Therefore, your website plays an integral role in persuading a potential customer or client to choose you over a competitor. 

Because of this, when you consider cost, ensure that you’re not just choosing the cheapest option, but that you’re selecting the best website design for the cost. 

You want to choose a  web design service that previous customers would highly recommend.

Additionally, you want a web designer that is going to bring your ideas and online brand to life. This should include a professional website that that drive traffic to your website.

2. Get Samples From The Team

If the web development agency you choose to use has a team of designers, ask to speak to the designer who will be the project manager of your website. 

Once you know who it is, ask to see a portfolio of websites they have designed. Knowing who is working on your project will give you deeper insight into their thought process and design ideologies. You can then use websites in their portfolio to pinpoint aspects that you like and discuss including similar elements in your website during a brainstorming session or meeting.

3. Ask Them To Explain Their Vision & Reasoning

Once you’ve completed your brainstorming session with the web designer in charge of creating your website, ask them to explain their vision for your website. 

While you’ve shared your ideas, it’s imperative to allow your web designer the creative freedom to build a website that can exceed your expectations. Oftentimes, clients may have a breakdown with their designer because they are set on one idea; an idea that may not be feasible or practical or could prevent other – more important elements – from taking centre stage.

Furthermore, before knocking an idea or their vision in its entirety ask them to explain the reasoning behind their design choices. Unless you have extensive UX or UI experience, what may not be attractive to you can be the secret ingredient that makes your website more user-friendly and reduces bounce rate. It can also be the difference between losing and gaining a customer or client.

4. Test Communication

Communication is key. Even before you’ve hired someone, you can decipher their communication skills through your first few interactions. Whether you’ve called or emailed, ask yourself a few questions about the initial interaction and the first meeting.

  • Were they attentive? 
  • Did they give advice? 
  • Did they answer your questions? 
  • How quickly did they get back to you? 
  • How professional were they?

You can then narrow your list down to Brighton web developers that you had the most positive interaction with.

5. Find Out What Other Expertise They Have

Website design is more than a knowledge of HTML or CSS, it includes UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) elements. Therefore you want a web designer that has expertise in these fields.

Additionally, you want a designer that has expertise in search engine optimization and digital marketing. Someone who will understand the details of how your website integrates with your brand to produce the best results. Besides that, you also want a web designer that can advise about other elements that are essential to your growth online, including how to drive traffic to your website, how to retain customers through valuable and engaging content and how to reach new customers through advertising and campaign activations. 

The best web design company in Brighton will offer some combination of services including a marketing service and social and web content.

If you want a state of the art website and your content managed with a superior local agency, consider choosing our services. Based in Shoreham By Sea we invest all our creativity and ingenuity into making our clients’ websites exceptional.

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