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How to send Badass emails that your Customers will Open

We’re all floating in a massive pool of personal, professional and promotional emails. They’re omnipresent; all the time and we spend around 6 hours of our day trying to get to grips with them all. And people say email is dead, pah…email is very much alive and doing a little dance in your face. One of the biggest challenges brands face is the sheer volume of emails that people have to sift through and making theirs stand out.

You’ve got to grab people’s attention; otherwise your emails will get lost and consigned forever to the place where emails go to die. We want a happy end to the tale, where your customers trust you as a sender, look forward to your inbox influx, actually open your emails and chuckle at your witty, fabulously useful content. How can you do this? Well…

Subject Lines

Subject lines are one of the biggest hurdles and most obvious ways you can entice your customers to open your emails. You could have the best content in the world, you could be the Beyoncé content, but if you’re not inspiring people to spend their precious time opening your emails then what’s the point? We’re scrolling all the time, having an eye-catching subject line can stop someone in their tracks. Use A/B testing to test and experiment with different styles of subject line and other variations, it’s a great way to gain some insight. You could use:

  • Direct, actionable language
  • Humour
  • Flattery and complimentary language
  • Statistics
  • Unexpected, off-the wall lines
  • Promotional offers
  • The promise of a ‘secret’ or inside info
  • Personalisation

It all depends on the type of customer who casts their gaze over your subject line and as you’ll know, people are weird and wonderful creatures with completely different tastes and subjectivity. So what works for one person won’t for another. That’s why it’s super important to get to know your customers and target demographics as much as possible and send them tailored content.


Another way to improve the chances of sending emails your customers want to have a peek at is by segmenting your users. It’s up to you how you separate your users; it could be the frequency they buy from you, how much they buy, when they last bought from you or other things like age or location to personalise your content more. You can use as much statistical analysis to inform your segmentation as you like.

Segmentation allows you to cater your subject lines, offers, discounts and info for specific users and deliver content and ideas that are more applicable to them. Automated emails also give you the chance to personalise your emails and trigger email sends that are relevant to the customer journey your user has just been on; like a welcome email if a customer has just signed up to your mailing list.

Fab Content

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure people keep on coming back for more of your email goodies is to consistently create killer content.  Becoming a trusted source for valuable and useful content takes time, but it’s definitely worth it. You can become a brand that someone associates with good content and then they’ll open your emails with confidence…and a majestic trumpet noise will sound in the distance* (*not confirmed).  At its best, quality content leads to generating more traffic to your site and increased sales and it can help you to have meaningful interaction with customers.

Use the data you have about your customers, what they like and what they engage with and focus on creating smarter emails instead of using a scattergun approach and inundating their inbox with mail.

Make every email count and your customers will notice.

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